What services do you provide?
  Committed to driving continuous innovation, Centrifuge brings distinct value with its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions. With many years of product experience, we specialize in providing professional services, product management, product development, product reengineering, integration, testing, and product support services to software and appliance companies.
What do you mean by Web Technologies?
  It does not mean web site development. It does mean system and infrastructure development and support where one or more of the following is required:
  • e-Commerce enablement
  • browser based system development
  • web enablement of legacy and/or client server systems
  • enterprise application integration
  • implementation or use of application server technology.
What differentiates you from other consulting companies?
  We help our customers effectively leverage a combination of portals, Business Intelligence (BI), and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) platforms to provide integration solutions that unify people, processes, and information using products like BEA, IBM, Oracle, PeopleSoft (now Oracle), Siebel (now Oracle), SAP, TIBCO and web Methods.
What skill sets do you look for in your consultants?
  We typically require over five (5) years of progressive experience in the areas of web-based technologies, project management and business analysis. We prefer our project managers to be PMP certified. Successful technologists will typically be well versed in either the Microsoft or J2EE environments. Past positions will include OO Developers, Architects, Web Administrators and Web Testers.
How does your compensation plan work and what are the components?
  It is comprised of two major components, salary and benefits. Each consultant is hired at a specific salary, which is subsequently broken down into an hourly equivalent. For each hour billed to the client, the consultant is paid that hourly equivalent rate. Benefits fall into the categories of insurance, retirement planning, paid time off and company perks.
Do you provide training?
  As a technology company we encourage and support continuing education. In fact, obtaining industry certifications is encouraged and reimbursed where important to the technologies and platforms we embrace. To provide the flexibility to maintain competitiveness and ensure fiscal responsibility, each training and education request is handled on a case-by-case basis. If technology is moving in a new direction, our clients demand a certain technology or you need training to maintain marketability, our training program will satisfy the need.
You say you hire "the best of the best", what does that mean?
  We believe you know what that means. You are not looking for a job because you are "treasured" by your current employer and always hounded by headhunters. When the mission critical project or problem is at hand, they tap you on the shoulder to provide the solutions. You certainly do not have the "8 to 5" mentality. You want the project no one else wants to touch. You are driven to succeed!!
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